Project 17 Hundy

"Fundraising for 1700m of Flow Trail Goodness"


Project 17 Hundy provides essential flow to DH redevelopment


Trail Builder Empire of Dirt ( have been helping us map out the entire redevelopment of the“Down Hill” side of the park -  lines have been scoped, tagged and GPS plotted. The backbone of the redevelopment is Project 17 Hundy - a flow trail with maximum fun factor for all riders. Supplementing Project 17 Hundy is a hand built access trail (climbing trail) which is well underway using club volunteers.  Future projects include the rebuild of Dustbowl, and the possibility of a new hand built Grade 5 technical downhill trail. A central hub area will be formed at the merge point of several trails: end of Dirt Bag, end of 44/11 climb, end of Giro uphill climb, start DH Access climb. This area will be a natural gathering point for group rides and will be the home of our Sponsor’s board, recognising those that have made a contribution to the new Flow Trail.


Nature of the new trail

Approximately 1700 metres of Grade 3 flow trail, similar to 'Easy Flows It', with flowing berms, table tops and easy double features. It starts at the top fence, where 'Dustbowl' starts and will run between 'Dustbowl' and 'Dirtbag', then alongside 'Soiled Chamois' towards the bottom carpark, where it will connect to the 'Giro Stage 3'.


We see it as suitable for the riders ready to progress from our core grade 2 trails like 'Big Willy' and 'Snake' , right through to our fastest and most experienced riders. It’s likely the trail will be used in Cross Country racing, “Super D”, and Enduro racing.


Build Costs and Funding

We have budgeted $50,000 for the uphill access, and new trail build. This includes scoping, tagging, GPS mapping, digger building, and all drainage work. This does not include the rework of Dustbowl or the proposed new hand-cut DH line. The club has some funds available (through membership fees, sponsorship, race events etc.), but we’re aiming to raise $25,000 for the completion of this stage. If this target is exceeded, we can direct funds into the next phase, being the redevelopment of Dustbowl.


Sponsorship Options

One Metre Sponsor $25.

Aimed at individuals looking to contribute to the club’s development.

  • Your name will be listed on our sponsor list on the website (and your trail karma will be through the roof!

Ten Metre Club $250 

This one aimed at families, small business, and groups of friends.

  • Your name will be listed on the Trail Board located at the new Hub

  • You will receive a 1-year family club membership free of charge

Platinum Sponsor $2000 (Limited to 6 sponsors only)

Aimed at businesses, groups or individuals in a position to make a larger contribution to the project.

  • Premium advertising on the new Trail Board located at the new Hub

  • Logo on the sponsor's board at the main carpark

  • Naming rights and signage at one of the trail features (eg large berm, or jump feature).



The build is booked for Spring 2019, and we anticipate Empire Of Dirt will take 2-3 weeks to complete. That means we’ll be riding the new trail this coming summer!